My blog this week is focused on CAKE!


As a non-sweet eater – preferring savoury food – I was FORCED to take part in our McMillan Coffee Morning this week.


The staff at Sutton CVS arranged the event and baked the amazing cakes. We had cup-cakes, a coffee, cake, a chocolate cake, a coconut and frangipane cake, a chocolate cheese cake and a sponge cake – all decorated to celebrate Halloween.

 Macmillan Cakes


So apart from feeling pretty sick afterwards, it made me think about the importance of a staff team like ours coming together outside of the formal work structure to showcase the talents and skills of team members (I must admit that I didn’t bake a cake as I don’t have any skills in that area!) and to have the time and space to just talk to each other!


Watching the event unfold as a kind of participant observer I beamed with pride at the organisation that had gone into it and how team members worked together, the time and imagination in the cake making and the comfortable atmosphere in which we played Halloween related games and the cake eating and tea drinking took place.


Good strong teams like this are key to making events like this successful and over the coming months these skills and talent will be used to bring to you a range of events including our Trustee Week activities; our Small Groups Network; a Disability Summit,  and of course our AGM. Please visit our website for more information on how you can involved at or visit our eventbrite page to sign up for one or more of our events.


I look forward to seeing you


11:16, 02 Nov 2017 by Sara Thomas


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