Leading, Leadership, Manager, Management – all terms that I guess those of who see ourselves as leaders are grappling with. I am on a journey of self-reflection which has enabled me to speak to people in world of CVS’s, friends and colleagues in the voluntary and community sector in Sutton and with my own staff team.

What defines a good leader and what do I need to do to get there? I have started by doing some reading in my spare time and I found ‘The Power of Soft’ by Hilary Gallo an interesting read – so interesting that I have asked him to come and do some work with the SCVS team and with the recently established Voluntary and Community Sector CEO Leadership Forum.

I think it is important that in the voluntary and community we are able to lead our own organisations with passion, authenticity and empowerment of staff, trustees and volunteers. Leaders in the sector also need to lead in a similar way I think and I am looking forward over the next year or so to experimenting with new ways of leading – so if you have any feedback or comments let me know.

11:40, 25 Oct 2017 by Sara Thomas


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