We run a number of forums every year which provide an excellent opportunity for representatives from Sutton's voluntary sector organisations to get together to network, exchange ideas and learn new things.

You can find dates for all of the forums coming up on our what's on page. If you would like to attend a forum please let us know in advance.

Voluntary Sector Forum
Community Action Sutton Voluntary Sector Forum is held twice a year and is a chance for all voluntary sector organisations in Sutton to come together, share best practice and feed back to Community Action Sutton on the work we are doing. It also gives us an opportunity to hear the views of local organisations on a number of topics so that we can best represent Sutton's voluntary sector at both at a national and local level.

To find out more about the Voluntary Sector Forum, call Jackie on 020 8644 2867, or email her.

In addition to the Voluntary Sector Forum, the following forums are each held quarterly:

Small Groups Forum - for organisations employing the eqivalent of two full time members of staff or less. Contact Razia on 020 8641 9544, or email her to find out more.

Health, Wellbeing & Social Care Network - for organisations working in health or social care. Contact Jackie on 020 8644 2867, or email her  to find out more.

Children, Young People and Families (CYPF) Forum - for organisations working with children, young people or families in Sutton. Contact Razia on 020 8641 9544 to find out more or email her.

BME Forum - for organisations working with BME groups in Sutton. Contact Razia on 020 8641 9544 to find out more or email her.