Local Charities Day takes place on Friday 16th December. The Government has announced it will be a day to put small, local charities and community groups into the spotlight, helping them thrive and demonstrate the great work they do in their areas.

To celebrate Local Charities Day in Sutton we have been talking to four local organisations that are making a difference in their local areas. Have a listen to the interviews below to find out about the work that they are doing, how they are making a difference and what it is like to work in the London Borough of Sutton.

If you cannot listen to the audio below, please have a read of the transcript - Transcript of Sutton charities talking about their work for Local Charities Day 2016


Sutton Counselling

Sutton Counselling aims to make counselling available to anyone in the community by providing a service accessible for their main site in central Sutton to anyone over 16.They  make counselling as affordable as possible by keeping their running costs low, and by offering a sliding fee structure, so fees are adjusted according to the individual's circumstances.


Gary Mason Charity

The Rhythmical Empowerment Group was started by former British Heavyweight Boxing Champion Gary Mason as a ‘Not for Profit’ Organisation’ to introduce people to the therapeutic and enjoyable effects of hand drumming. Following Gary's death in 2011 the charity was set up in Gary's name to continue his work.


Sutton Community Works

Sutton Community Works is a Christian charity of 15 churches in the London Borough of Sutton working together for the benefit of the community. Some of the initiatives run by the charity are Street Pastors, Sutton Foodbank and Prayer for Sutton.


Oaks Way Centre

The Oaks Way Centre was established in 1968 as a friendly community centre providing day care services, recreational activities and freshly cooked meals, as well as being a place for people to go to help combat loneliness and isolation. The majority of people attending the centre are 80 years plaus and live in their own homes